Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What the Hell is a Cinemagraph?

I interact, like most of you, with a group of photographers.  Recently, one I respect, brought to my attention a website that featured “The next ‘big thing’ in photography…’Cinemagraphy.’” This really begs the question does any photographer really respect any other photographer…I’m speaking of our peers, not guys like Alec Soth or Dan Winters…nope we don’t…really if you’re shaking your head or rolling your eyes, stop and confirm that little voice inside…if you are reading this with another photog…then one of you is better than the other and knows it…I digress.    So he’s all abuzz about this fantastic new concept…I imagine it is something akin to a Topaz filter in Photoshop, that fakes HDR…that is what the world really needs is more fake (or real for that matter) HDR.  Wrong.  I will admit, upon first sight, the whimsy of the concept was entertaining…and then it just pissed me off.


Image: Jamie Beck

Okay…snap out of it dammit!  I know, my first thought was also Harry Potter too.   This enchanting lady could be adorning the nightstand or desktop at Hogwarts.   A novel concept except that it isn’t photography…it is an animated GIF.  Like those found on   


Image: Jamie Beck


  They also can be a little creepy.  So about the time I thought I needed to tell you about this I did some research and they’re everywhere.  No, not the concept.  The actual work…featured in the Atlantic, and on  The Photographer is Jamie Beck, a very talented Fashion and lifestyle photographer from NYC. This may prove to be a big stepping stone  for Beck. 


Image: Jamie Beck


Alright, by now you either really like this or really don’t…Let me be first in line to say this:  Jamie Beck has got killer chops.  Her work is really impeccable.   I love the post-war feel, and inspired style in her portfolio.  Her “Statuesque” portfolio illustrates her technical prowess with a camera…as well as her ability to compose a moving photo (I mean this emotionally…not actually moving) from an over-photographed subject.  But…

isn’t this….


Image: Jamie Beck

pretty much the same as this….


I know it isn’t…but this will catch on…You’re going to see this everywhere.  Oh God…wait until the hipsters find out about this. 

Maybe I just think she’s more talented than me and I’m angry I didn’t think of this first…I saw all of the Potter films too, dammit. 

They are very cool.  They are very neat.  They're very well made. But is it Photography?  I guess I’ll just wait for the book…oh wait.


  1. Maybe they should call it "Potterography." [g]

    Mike J.

  2. i actually like it. basically cool gifs or something

  3. Maybe you should read this: