Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome to You Call This Photography

Soho (1 of 1)-2

Photography is the art, science and practice of recording light on some kind of film or image sensor.  That pretty much nails it all….from Richard Avedon to that dude in the men’s room making kissy faces at his iPhone.  Modern Photographic composition has blurred the lines even more…I literally have seen those kissy face shots hanging in a gallery in SoHo. 

First off…I am not anointing myself some kind of Master of the universe of photography…(By the power of Nikon…I have the power!)  But rather an arbiter of reason and technique…products and equipment. 

For instance, the photo above, I shot that in the middle of the day…I had my kids with me and didn’t really have a ton of time to expose properly…I blew out the sky…pretty badly too.  I converted it to a high-key B&W and felt it was a little better…not really.  When I look at it for any length of time it just feels off.

Maybe photography is really about intent.  I shot said photo without any real composition or intent…however in development I did intend to make the image an artful one through creative editing…I failed.  But I am really critical…seriously.

So…lets get the party started and lets talk photography…let me see some of your shots or questions and we’ll tear them apart…constructively….maybe,  I can be a real jack-ass…but I warned you first.

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  1. wow, huge shoes to fill here!! in its time, the previous version you call this photography? was one of the most cutting blogs out there.